Instagram & how I edit

instagram theme

Yes, I am addicted to Instagram, but let’s face it, who isn’t? It’s quite sad how much time I spend scrolling through this app, so I might as well have a feed that looks half decent right?

I am a sucker for accounts with a consistent theme throughout all their posts, and that is what I have tried to recreate with mine. Keep reading if you want to find out how I edit my Instagram photos and some tips to keep your feed looking clean and put-together!


1. Find a simple/white background

I like to keep my feed looking minimal as possible. The best way to do this is to take the original photos with a clean backdrop; white sheets, patterned or simple walls can work well. There is another trick I use to simplify the background, but I will reveal that later in this post 😉

simple background

2. Be square

I know there is a saying ‘don’t be square’, but on Instagram, be square if you want your feed to flow and look flawless. You can achieve this by taking the original photo in square-mode or by cropping in an editing app later. I tend to take my own photos in square so I have a better understanding of how the final image is going to lay out. But if someone else is taking a photo of me, I tend to have my camera in full screen so I have room to zoom and crop it to how I want it. Let’s face it, there are some bad photographers out there..

3. VSCO Cam

I use two apps to edit my photos and VSCO cam is one of them. As many of you would already know, it is very popular for its beautiful design and easy-to-use interface.

Use of consistent filters is a key to a consistent feed, so I would advise you to find a filter that you wish to stick to for majority of your pictures. I personally like SE3 or B5.

SE3 filter:

SE3 VSCO cam

Straighten image:

straighten image

Adjust exposure:

exposure vscocam

Adjust shadows:


Fade image if it needs more softening:


4. Aviary

It is now almost ready to be posted, but there is just one important step left that really ties my photos together. The second app I use is Aviary and I use this to make the unnecessary colours of my image unsaturated. The splash tool gives me the ability to bring out the colours on my outfit and leave the rest black&white. Essentially, the backgrounds of all your photos will be black&white, so it will contribute towards the consistency of your feed.

aviary splash

5. Done!

It’s ready to be posted!


I hope this post was informative in some way and have inspired you to experiment with your own pictures. Follow me on Instagram to see more photos like this and leave a comment if you want me to check your account out !

Main acc: @amykim._

Photography acc: @kimchy.jpg

Design acc: @amykimdesign

Amy xx


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