You are what you eat

Everyday, we are constantly judged on our appearances on a scale called ‘beauty’. Magazines often define beauty as models with perfectly shaped bodies or a piece of jewellery that is impeccably carved. Without knowing, we are constantly reminded of this notion through magazines, social media and in everyday lives. This unrealistic view of beauty forces us to lust to be beautiful. But what is ‘beauty’ that society implies us to have?

The idea of body image has grown so big that it is possibly true if I say that no one is truly happy with their appearance. Even the models you might define as the most stunning are conscious of how they look and present themselves, and are often illustrated as merely a version of the society’s creation.

You might find yourself checking calories or re-thinking about the meal you wished to order, because after all, you are what you eat.

Diamonds are a symbol of beauty, and most people would agree that they are indeed beautiful exquisite objects. Since you are what you eat, what if you ate diamonds? Would you be beautiful?

The answer is no.

This body of work is a depiction of the insignificance of falling into the unrealistic standards of society, and the significance of finding your unique beauty. The diamond apple is a symbolism of beauty that has been established for us; by eating it, you will not suddenly become beautiful. The key is to find strengths within yourself that is your own individual creation that define ‘you’ as a person and not a clone of manipulation of society.

Amy xx



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